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Quick Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Pet

By Natalie Korczak


Some people treat their pets like royalty while other treat their pets like leftover soggy french fries. Take our scientifically researched quiz and find out what kind of pet owner you are….

1.  When you have free time with your pet, your favorite activity is?

A.   Take a long walk, throw balls, give treats, followed by a long nap.

B.   Throw balls for a few minutes and then get back to checking  your Instagram.

C.   Watch Peppa Pig while pet lays on the floor staring at you longingly.



2.  Your pets personality is most like?

A.   Just like you, could even be your twin.

B.   Changes like the wind, sometimes a loving pet, sometimes a crazy animal.

C.   Who knew pets have personalities?


3.  Your pets favorite food is…

A.   Tender fish with freshly cut french fries and and Fruit Punch Gatorade.

B.   Water from the toilet

C.   Canned spinach….ewwww.


4.  When you go on vacation your plan for your pet is...

A.  Take your pet with you….of course!!

B.  Leave pet home alone with a sack of dry food.

C.  Hope someone adopts your pet while you are gone.


5.      When your pet does something bad you…

A.  Retrain your pet with gourmet treats and hugs.

B.  Slap your pet in the butt and yell a bunch.

C.  Pour sour chocolate milk on pets head.


6.      When you head to the grocery story your plan for your pet is…

A.  Arrange a play date with your pets bff.

B.  leave the TV on the Animal Channel.

C.  Stick it in the pet crate.


7.      The celebrity your pet most reminds you of is…

A.  Taylor Swift- amazing and popular

B.  Miley Cyrus- Was cool a while ago

C.  Nick Jonas- A fallen star


8.      If you made a movie of your pet’s life what would it be called?

A.  Life is Beautiful

B.  Hello Kitty

C.  Why my Owner Doesn’t Love me


9.      What kind of dream dog house would you build for your pet?

A.  Mansion with a pool on the beach

B.  A wooden shack with only basic cable

C An igloo on the tundra...Brrrrr


10.    Where will your pet retire to?

A.  A private Hawaiian island

B.  The Ohio Valley

C.  Newark, New Jersey





If you answered….

Mostly A’s- You are an amazing pet owner. You treat your pet like one of the family and he or she should feel lucky to have you as an owner. Other pet owners should take lessons from you on treating your pet right.


Mostly B’s- You are not a horrible pet owner but you are not great either. Try to think of your pet as a true living friend rather than a piece of furniture that happens to need food. If that sounds like too much commitment consider giving your pet to someone who answered mostly A’s to this quiz.


Mostly C’s- Let’s get real here. You and your pet go together as well as orange juice and toothpaste. Even living on the street probably sounds better to your pet than living with you. Consider some pet care classes or ask your Mom to adopt it so you can move on with your life animal free… you and your pet will be grateful.

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