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Throw An Epic Halloween Party

Want to throw a Halloween party without a hitch? Here’s how:


     Be sure you know exactly who’s coming, and if they’re bringing a +1. This makes everything so much easier! You know how much food to get, how much space to have, and it’ll help you keep the party under control.

●     Make it a costume party! This is so much more fun than a regular party. People are more likely to mingle if they’re dressed up as someone else. Plus, you’ll get to show off your awesome outfit!

●     Have a fire playlist with some hits and some oldies. Bring back that song everyone loved a few years ago-the throwback will get people so hyped! Also include some recent top charts songs, they’re always crowd pleasers.

●     Decorate! Even if they’re super cheesey, everyone appreciates fun decorations. It’ll get people excited and in the Halloween mood.

●     Paranoia-the best party game! This game is always a hit. If the party is big, make several groups of about 10-15 people and play. Here’s how:

○     Sitting in a circle, one player whispers a question to the player next to them. The best questions involve people at the party. (Example: Who here would you most want to kiss?)

○     The player answers the question out loud-but everyone else doesn’t know what the question was. (Example: Someone answers, “Chad,” but nobody knows what the question involving Chad was.)

○     A designated “coin-wielder” flips a coin. If it lands on heads, the player who answered must tell everyone what the question was. If it lands on tails, the players whisper-asks the next person (sitting next to them) a new question and nobody knows what the original question was.

●     Tell your neighbors in advance! If you’re planning on having loud music, respectfully warn your neighbors that the party will have music, but it will be under control and that adults know that it’s happening. This will assist in avoiding any conflicts or drama during the party.

●     Get some people from different friend groups! Having people who don’t know each other is so much fun-just make sure that you know everyone who is coming. People will be talking about the hottie that they met at your party for months to come!

●     Start dancing! If you want other people to dance, they best way to do it by starting the dancing yourself. Grab a few friends and get movin’!


With all of these tips, you’ll be sure to have the best Halloween party of the year. These can be used for any party you want to throw, but Halloween parties are so much fun!

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