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Camp Tales

by Peyton Hill

Summer camp means a lot of different things to different people. For parents, it’s a way to get their kids out of the house so they can have a summer vacation. For us teens, it’s a great way to go on new adventures by meeting new people and trying new things.

Lots of kids go to camp when they’re younger, and then stop as they reach high school, in most cases to spend more time with friends at home. As a teen who has gone to the same summer camp for eight years, I understand that more than most people do this. Missing my friends and family is one of the largest challenges that I face when I leave home for the summer. Although it can be difficult, trading my home life for the adventures that camp brings each year, however bittersweet, is a welcome change for me. The friends I have made and the wonderful adventures on which I have embarked have had an incredible impact on me and have shaped me as a person. Being able to get away from the constant drama of everyday life is a vital part of the camp experience, although that can come with it’s own set of challenges. Many teens cringe at the thought of being separated from their phones for even a few hours, let alone a few weeks. It can be hard to adjust at first, but I have found that after a day or two, thoughts of the latest trends and memes never even cross my mind. This temporary disconnect allows you to focus on connecting with your mind, body, spirit, and with others. I’ve found that this reflection can be a valuable step towards becoming your best self. For those of you who think that summer camp is for little kids, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some of the best camp experiences out there are specifically for middle and high school aged teens. Many of these experiences go far beyond doing crafts and playing tag and fall more along the lines of canoeing down rivers, biking miles on end, and even climbing mountains. Different camps suit different people, so find one that’s a good fit for you. Every winter when I’m sick of school and craving some sunshine, I just think of the amazing camp experience I have to look forward to when summer comes again.



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