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Michael Campion: Fuller House Star
By Rachel Sokol

In the 80s and 90s, Full House, a family-friendly TV sitcom, dominated the airwaves. It followed a loveable and quirky San Francisco family; three daughters were raised by their father, a widower and talk show host, his goofy childhood best friend, their suave uncle, and later on, a sweet aunt and twin cousins joined the clan; not to mention a Golden Retriever. Boyfriends and recurring characters joined in the fun, and fans were sad when the series was eventually cancelled. In 2016, the cast reunited for a modern-day spin-off series, called Fuller House, which currently airs on Netflix. The show’s second season premieres later in the year.

Teen actor Michael Campion—who lives in Florida—plays Jackson Fuller, the eldest son of Dr. DJ Tanner-Fuller, (played by Candance Cameron Bure) in Fuller House. He’s a young star on the rise--friendly, personable, and one-to-watch. Read on to learn more about him!

Fuller House Season 1 was so popular. Were you surprised by the show’s success?

Well, I did know how popular Full House was, so it was a given that Fuller House would have such a mass following. Honestly, I gotta say that I was surprised how popular it got overnight! I got about 80K social media followers within the first week.

Can you give us a hint about Jackson’s shenanigans for Season Two?

Let’s just say, Jackson’s still love struck by Lola. He will do almost anything to get her attention. There’s going to be much more drama in Season Two!

Please share with us a funny story that happened on-set.

In Episode 3 of last season, the one where Joey comes and babysits us kids, I slipped on some silly string in front of the live audience! It was really embarrassing and luckily I didn’t get hurt. Oh and also, they put it in the ‘Blooper Reel’ so everyone could see my spectacular fall.

What advice do you have for kids who want to act professionally?

Getting into the business can be quite difficult. There are tons of scams that say “Come here and your kid will be famous!” but they are all for profit and will get you absolutely nowhere. What you really want to do is start small. Go find a community theater or get involved in your school play. It’s a great way to start your resume. Once you have some experience under your belt, find a talent agency you can sign with. Then you can get your first professional work. This is how I started, and how you can start, too. Also, if you’re curious how movie sets and TV shows work, go and buy The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary. It’s very accurate on how the business works.

Were your parents supportive when you said you wanted to be an actor?

Oh, yeah, for sure. They always said to me, “Whatever you want to pursue, we are behind you 100 percent, whether it be soccer, theater, martial arts, we will support you.” It’s awesome to know that my parents are helping me through me journey of acting still to this day.

How do you balance school with work/acting?

Soni (the actress who plays Ramona) and I both attend school in the same classroom with our teacher, Laura. During school, every time we aren’t in a scene or we have a break, they ask us to go to the school room to get our work finished and bank our required hours. It’s difficult really to switch back and forth because we never seem to catch a break. But since its summer, we have a nice long vacation before returning to school.

Which charity work is near and dear to your heart?

I served the homeless this past Easter, I helped out less fortunate children who were sick at the Ronald McDonald House, and did an anti-bullying campaign for customink.comand Boo To Bullying.

What was your childhood like?

That’s a hard question to answer. I think that I’m still partially in my childhood and I don’t want to explain it like I’m 30 years old or something. So here’s my best attempt: My childhood has been great so far. I’ve seen and done things that people triple my age dream of doing. I’d say I’ve lived a pretty enchanted life. My older projects that I did like “Robo-Dog” and “Christmas Trade” were stepping stones in my journey that lead me to Fuller House.

What’s it like working with such a talented cast?

It is such an honor. They’re all just so nice and they have truly accepted all the new cast members as family. I love them so much, and I look forward to doing more Fuller House with them in the future.

What other projects are you working on?

Well, nothing at the moment, but I am going out for castings all the time. I recently have gotten callbacks for some and they look promising. Fingers crossed!

Think fast questions:

Fave movie: Bourne Ultimatum

Fave book: Maze Runner

Fave musician: Elton John

Fave Food: Sushi

Follow Michael on Instagram at: @michaelcampion.

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