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Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan posing for a picture in a grey shirt

LT We know that you began your career right around college, but when did you first know that you wanted to get into acting?
LM I think I always wanted to but was too shy to pursue it until I was older. My mom took me to see BIG the musical for my seventh birthday and I remember just falling in love. Just completely mesmerized by what the actors were doing on stage and knew I had to be part of that!

LT What has been the best experience in your career so far?
I think a highlight of my career was being nominated for a daytime Emmy for my work on GENERAL HOSPITAL. And I was able to present the "Best Actress" award, and open an envolope and everything. That was pretty surreal. I really hope to do some more of that!
Lindsey Morgan posing for a picture in an orange dress
LT Let's go back in time, what were you like in high school?
A total nerd! Actually, no, I was a weird hybrid like an artsy theatre girl, athletic swimmer, debater, child mentor, and involved in the honor society but I had a weakness for falling for the bad boys. I had a lot of interests and I still do!

LT Do you have any funny stories from the set of one of the shows you appeared on?
 LM There are always crazy stories about what happens on set. I would say one of the most fun we had on The 100, was one day wardrobe gave me the wrong size pants, like the ones they gave me were HUMOUNGOUS but they looked like my characeter's pants just five sizes too big. So in the make up trailer we stuffed them with newspaper until they fit and I went on set to do blocking, it took about half way throught the scene until the director finally noticed. He lost it and it was great!

LT What is your ideal weekend like?
Ideal weekend would definitely be traveling to somewhere new! Does not have to be far but just something different. Doing something active like hiking or sailing! Having some great food like pizza or sushi and ending the night dancing with some awesome music!

LT How did it feel when you found out that you got a lead role in MTV's originl picture, DISconnected?
  LM That was pretty crazy! I grew up on MTV so I was really excited. I also loved that the mLindsey Morgan posing for a picture in a black dressovie had a message to its view ership. I think film has the power to touch and move audiences and I was so happy to be part of something that did that.

LT Do you have a role model?
 LM I have quite a few, I find it hard to find one person that encompasses and speaks to every aspect of my life. I look to and respect different people for different reasons. But I love Kobe Bryant for his work ehtic and dedication, Meryl Streep for he brillance on screen, Selena Quintanilla for breaking barriers as a Latina in the American and Mexican music industry. Eva Longoria, Selma Hayek, Jessica Alba for paving the way for the wide acceptance of Latin American Women in film and televison.

LT What are your goals for you carrer and your personal life?
 LM Career goals I want to be a lead in a primetime television show and star in some major motion picture films. I would like the opportunity to do comedy, to action to period pieces! Personally, I just want to be happy and have a lot of fun and make some great friends and memories along the way.

LT Do you have any advice for aspiring actors and actresses?
  LM TONS! I learned so much, I wish someone else had written a book and let me borrow it before I started this lol!
Lindsey Morgan posing for a picture in a blue dress
1. Would be to love and accept yourself fully and that includes being to laugh at yourself. Which takes me to #2. Do not take yourself to seriously, work hard and have your craft in tip top shape, but remember to have fun and let yourself be free! 3. People will always try to tell you something is wrong with you, do not listen!

Lindsey' Faves!
Fave Food? Ice Cream
Color? Rose Gold
Sport? Basket ball
Song?   Landslide- TheSmashing Pumpkins  
Movie? Mean Girls

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