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Fashion Rescue Kits—Great For Busy Teens

Fashion Rescue Kits—Great For Busy Teens


I was recently browsing around Barnes&Noble in midtown Manhattan when I spotted these incredibly cute accessories bags in a variety of colors. My first thought? “LaTEEN readers would love these, not just because they’re shiny, glittery, and very ‘now,’ but they’re extremely practical!” Inside each mini pouch are must-have accessories.


Fashionit, the company behind these must-have gems, has launched two different types of colorful accessory pouches: The Everyday Kit; and the Sleepover Kit.

Here’s what’s inside the Everyday Kit: Mini Hair brush and mirror, hair ties, glitter headband, glitter nail file, clear nail polish, lip balm, band-aid. This kitis perfect for a beauty emergency; just toss it into your purse or school bag and you’re all set. It’s currently available in pink and blue.

The Sleepover Kit contains: Glitter eye cover, hair brush + mirror, tooth brush + paste, glitter nail polish, glitter nail file, lip balm, hair ties.Currently available in Glitter purple. You can find these kits at Barnes & Noble, gift books stores, and accessories boutiques all across the country. Or, order them online at justfa where they retail for $18.99 each. (At press time.) They also make for a fabulous gift. Fashionit also sells colorful and hip backpacks, totes, bracelets, chalkboard decals, and more.



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