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Meet a Teen in Tel- Aviv

My name is Yael. I am 19 years old and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I enjoy reading, watching movies and listening to music. My favorite type of music is Progressive Rock from the 1970s, bands like Genesis, Yes, and Camel. I also enjoy other types of rock music such as Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Dire Straits and also contemporary artists like Cage The Elephant. I love collecting CDs. I don’t download music. I like to have something to hold and to listen to albums from beginning to end.

Tel-Aviv is a lively city with lots of cafes and a beach, and the weather is usually either nice or hot so, it’s always fun to be outside. I watch all kinds of movies, not only American films. We get a lot of European films here too. Another love of mine are the films by Japanese Anime director, Hiyao Miyazaki. I recommend them.

There’s a lot I like about Israel. Tel-Aviv and Israel are not one in the same. Not all of Israel is cosmopolitan and open-minded. What I really appreciate about Tel-Aviv is the open-mindedness of the people who live here and our ability to accept people of different cultural backgrounds and different gender preferences, even at school. Israel is a very small country with a variety of different cultures and landscapes. I love that I can travel just a few hours from the beach and be in the desert or a forest. I hope to be able to travel around and explore the country more when I finish my military service.

I have just completed a year and a half of my two year compulsory military service. Even though I like my job, the living conditions are very difficult. I only go home once every two weeks, and then I am so tired I sleep for 3 days straight. I share a room with seven other girls and we all work shifts  around the clock, so there is always someone trying to catch some sleep in the room, while others are up and working. But, it’s important for me to say, that despite the difficulties I have learned a lot about myself and I have made amazing friendships that I hope will last many years. When I finish my military service, I plan to attend university to maybe study veterinary medicine—I’m not entirely sure yet.

Before I was drafted, I knew it would be difficult, and it is, but I am glad for the experience and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Thank you for reading—it was so nice to meet you! - Yael

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