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Reality Shows?

We all catch an episode here and there of a current reality show, be it, The Bachelor or Project Runway, for example. But sometimes, we need a reminder that reality TV isn’t all “reality” and there’s more to life than watching unscripted TV shows. Find out here if you need a reality TV break, or if you stay grounded when it comes to TV watching.

You’re stuck on a desert island a la “Survivor” and can only watch one TV series. (Just pretend a coconut has a mini TV inside of it, ok?) What show do you select?

  1. Friends. It’s such a beloved classic and never fails to make me chuckle.
  2. Unscripted. I like that it’s a scripted MTV show, but mocks reality dating shows.
  3. The Bachelor. I can’t get enough of the tears, the drama, and the rose ceremonies.

How many reality TV stars do you follow on Instagram?

  1. The only celeb I follow online is Tyra Banks. As a savvy businesswoman, Tyra’s my role model.
  2. A few women from “The Bachelor” franchise and that’s it; I swear.
  3. Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, and Lauren from “The Bachelor. “Bachelors” Ben and Nick. Val, Normani and Rashad from “Dancing With the Stars.” Josh, Aliyah, and Andrea from “The Voice” not to mention Adam Levine…I can go on and on…

The current episode of, “Dancing With the Stars” is over. What are you doing?

  1. My homework. I took a break to watch my faves, but I do have to study for another 30 minutes before bed.
  2. I’m semi-engaged. I really love the gymnast this season, and voted for her once.
  3. Voting numerous times, begging my whole family to vote, and then sending all my favorites on the show Twitter and Instagram messages telling them how much I love them. I do this till 1 a.m.

Your cousin loves “This is Us,” and encourages you to try watching it online. You:

  1. Give it a shot. It’s getting so much buzz, why not see what the hype is about? You can use a deep, mature new show to watch anyway.
  2. Promise her you will give it a try, and really mean it. You tend to have similar tastes and trust her opinion that you may enjoy it.
  3. Laugh. Like you would EVER spend a Sunday afternoon watching a sad family show?

Which of the following reality shows do you enjoy most?

  1. Project Runway Junior. I want to attend FIT someday and try to soak up as much knowledge about the fashion industry as I can; both on the business side and design side. These teens are just so talented!
  2. Married at First Sight. I would never do it, but find the concept interesting. Being in an arranged marriage means you work harder at not getting divorced so fast.
  3. The Bachelorette. I love romance! Each season is a brand new love story. I just can’t get enough. I’m glued to Bachelor in Paradise, too.

If You Got:

Mostly 1’s: You strike a great balance between reality and reality TV. In other words, you enjoy catching a reality show now and then, but understand it’s mostly…um…’exaggerated’ for drama and ratings. To you, living in your own reality is good enough!

Mostly 2’s: To you, reality TV is a guilty pleasure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You are wellaware of your need for this type of distraction/escapism from everyday life. Try to balance out your guilty pleasure with a movie or non-academic book here and there. It never hurts to broaden your pop-culture horizons when you crave an escape from reality.
Most 3’s: You love, love, love your reality TV. For you, it equals fun. However, while crawling into a bubble to escape the world around you may feel safe, it’s healthy to connect more often with your family and friends—in person. All those hours you spend watching TV or spying on “The Bachelorette’s” Instagram are precious hours you’ll never get back. Life is short. Consider reducing your TV time and focusing more on your schoolwork and the people inyour life you cherish with all your heart.


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