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The Epic Slumber Party

Three girls laughing at a slumber party together

Games, friends, and fun! Have the best sleepover of the year...

Take out a piece of paper and a pencil and play some good old fashioned MASH. My friends and I loooove doing this when everyone is all snuggled into their sleeping bags. If you don't know this classic game, there are all kinds of tutorials online. It's so much fun!

Make Your Own Chick Flick! Channel your inner cinematographer and make a short film with your friends. If you don't habe a nice camera, most phones have a video camera. You'll have so much fun thinking up an original or recreating one of your faves.

Whip Out The Ouija Board! Wanna connect with some spirits? Even if you don't believe in ghosts, Ouija Boards are so much fun. Ask about crushes, school, anything! Don't ask anything scary- that could freak out all of your guests.

Make Me Over! Makeovers are a slumber party classic. Try a fun twist by blindfolding the person applying the makeup. It's so hilarious to watch them try to put makeup on someone else!

Let's Glow! Take the sleepover up a notch with glow sticks! They add a crazy, cool touch to every party. Turn off the lights, turn on some music and dance around with glow sticks!

The Royal Treatment! Take turns making a spa for the others, or all make a spa for one person. It's oh so relaxing and sooo much fun! Face masks, massages, and tiny sandwiches.

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